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Breaking News: Persistent Insomnia may cause suicidal actions
Saturday, April 4, 2009
Scientists found a new research that consistent Insomnia (sleeplessness) may cause the human beings to take suicidal actions. They have proposed that insufficient sleep may affect cognitive function and lead to poorer judgment, less impulse control and increased hopelessness. A dysfunction involving serotonin, a brain chemical involved in mood regulation that plays an important role in sleep, psychiatric disorders and suicide, is also suspected.

Difficulty falling asleep was a significant predictor of suicidal thoughts and planning. Compared with people who reported no insomnia complaints, those who had trouble initiating sleep had 1.9 times the risk of suicidal ideas and 2.2 times the risk of planning suicide.

The results were adjusted for several factors known to influence suicide, including substance abuse, depression, anxiety disorder and other mood disorders, as well as chronic medical conditions such as stroke, heart disease, lung disease and cancer. They were also adjusted for the influence of sociodemographic factors such as age, gender, and marital and financial status.
posted by Elena @ 10:36 AM   0 comments
Nanotubes - A new source of Mesothelioma next to Asbestos
As we discussed earlier, mesothelioma is a rare kind of cancer caused due to the exposure of asbestos. Hence people are taking various steps to put a full stop for this malicious disease. They have taken special effort in removing asbestos from as many homes and other buildings as possible. While this is appreciating, it is worrisome to discover that "Nanotubes or Carbon Nanotubes", an another threat causes mesothelioma. This nanotubes is being used in many forms and applications, specifically in electrical circuitry. Carbon nanotubes are also commonly used in medical applications. When a drug needs to be administered to a very specific location in the human body, these are excellent options due to their incredibly small size. Nanotube fibers are also routinely used in various polymers in order to make their properties more effective and efficient. Asbestos is so inherently harmful and damaging due to its makeup; it is not a certain chemical in asbestos that causes mesothelioma and other diseases, but the shape of its fibers. Carbon nanotubes take on much the same shape and therefore it is worried that they may cause mesothelioma, as well.
posted by Elena @ 10:16 AM   0 comments
Carmen Endress's Radiography approach helps to diagnose Mesothelioma at an earlier stage
A new approach is found out to diagnose mesothelioma and asbestos related diseases at an earlier stage which would play a significant role in reducing the death rate among those affected by asbestos exposure. Michael Harbut who is the co-director of the National center for Vermiculite and Asbestos-Related Cancers (NCVAC) at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, Michigan, believes the new approach could make a significant impact on public health.

Dr. Carmen Endress, Associate Professor of Radiology at Wayne State University School of Medicine, developed a new radiology approach which allows us to visualize lesions caused by asbestos exposure in three dimensional detail and often at a much earlier stage than that of the current standard radiographic techniques. This new approach enhances images obtained from a 64-slice high resolution CT scan by using the Vitrea(R) imaging software program developed by Vital Images, Inc.

Advantages of Carmen Endress Radiography approach
  • Earlier detection
  • Better differentiation between patients with scarring on the lungs and other illnesses
  • Increased success in the overall diagnosis and treatment of asbestos-related disease and mesothelioma.
posted by Elena @ 9:57 AM   0 comments
Supplement of well-balanced nutrition prevent Mesothelioma
It is advisable that intake of healthy foods and well-balanced nutrition prevent the diseases like mesothelioma and other types of cancer. A well-balanced diet help the body to function properly and fight against infection. Use vegetables, grains, fruits, dairy products in our daily food and decrease the usage of sweets and oil-related foodstuffs leads to a healthy life.
posted by Elena @ 9:54 AM   1 comments
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